Welcome, Humans

by Thirteen of Everything

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Debut album on Musea Records


released May 16, 2005

Personnel on the "Welcome, Humans" album:
- Mick Peters: Chapman stick, bass guitar, Taurus bass pedals, acoustic guitar (lead vocal on Flying East, Replay, Late for Dinner parts 1, 2 & 5)
- Ted Thomas: drums, percussion (lead vocal on Let It Go, Bird In Hand, Late for Dinner parts 6 & 7)
- Joe Funk: electric & acoustic guitars (lead vocal on Sleepdance)
- Thad Miller: keyboards


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Thirteen of Everything Austin, Texas

Thirteen of Everything is a modern symphonic progressive rock band in Austin, TX, whose debut album, "Welcome, Humans" received wide acclaim. Their long-awaited 2019 album "Our Own Sad Fate" is an evolution of their adventurous music, yet retains their intricate, syncopated arrangements, dramatic mood shifts and strong melodies. This is symphonic prog-rock that reveals more with each listen. ... more

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Track Name: Flying East
Tearing down the left wing
Three thousand miles away
I can sit here - see what you did today
Didn’t care when I left you
Now I take what I may
I can curl into a browser
See what you did yesterday

More than just part of me
I was more a part of you
All your games I follow
You seem perfectly confused
It’s not anything - It’s everything
But I wouldn’t change
The things that I did yesterday

Tuning in to see you
You can’t tune in to me
You play on a green, green field
In your Northern white city
I take a slice of your soul when you play at home
But I play away

Look across the ocean
Through windows on my home
We’re years and miles apart
Did you give or did you loan?
Strange memories - Do you play tricks on me?
My mind is flying to the East today

© 2002 Thirteen of Everything
Track Name: Let It Go
It’s easy to see - it’s all in the pedigree
At least it’s interpreted that way
It’s easy to say how a man got this way
Just no controlling his type
The murmurs and lies, how they hypothesize
Without any compromise…

You’ll just have to open your eyes
And leave all that madness behind

Taking the pain, driving yourself insane
Everything’s crashing down around
Nowhere to run - it’s all oblivion in here
Nowhere to hide - the terror will not subside
There’s no way out

You’ll just have to open your mind
And leave all that madness behind

Admitting defeat - your judgments are incomplete
It hasn’t beaten you - just yet
Just grab the reins - ride through the hurricane
Don’t let go
Go face your fear - it will soon disappear
Let it go

You’ll just have to open your eyes
And leave all that madness behind

© 2002 Thirteen of Everything
Track Name: Sleepdance
Marching through the darkness
No fear – a stealth control
I revel in the blindness - a fire within my soul


Breathing in the cool air - the grass upon my feet
Where is all this taking me?

I wander slowly through my yard
Through lands so far away
The past and future make a deal
This dream just wants to play

Demons erupt, skeletons prance
From out of the closet, a whimsical dance

Silent windows, cracking open
Childhood memories, chalkboards screeching
Pounding, screaming, wake up…. Now!

Out of the dark, a sound grows
A dissonant chant, my fear knows
Inside my head, the voices tell me:
“It’s not real.”

Figures appear, around me
Imminent doom, awaits me
Inside my head, the voices tell me:
“It’s all real.”

© 2002 Thirteen of Everything
Track Name: Replay
“Replay the tape”, the inmate said
“Start from where I get out of bed”

The window bars, the weeping stars
This lifetime on Mars
Condensation trails
Lead me back to where I began

The telephone, the letter home
All modern forms of torture
The endless mindless noise
The bad old boys

“I’m leaving now”, and left his ring
Of warmth upon her satin cheek
But it’s so much damn colder this morning
Coldest day we’ve seen this week

Today’s the first day I concede
To “Easy love, it’s only me”
The driving night, the dial glows red
“Replay the tape”, the inmate said

Gonna take you with me, when I get out
When this movie’s over, gonna take you with me
Let’s get out

Nobody knows why he did it
The easy way out
He just made the last train
Can’t clean the bloodstain
Let’s get out

There’s so very much you can resent
Your similarity has your contempt
Take your time
But don’t take mine
Replay your tape
I got myself out

© 2002 Thirteen of Everything
Track Name: Semprini
Track Name: Bird In Hand
Here I stand with a bird in hand
Contemplating the charms of another muse
I’ll never know what I might gain unless I try – but I know…
What I will lose

I’ll take a stand and I’ll make a plan
Shall I sacrifice what I hate to lose?
There’s a hammer in my head that keeps pounding to beat the band
I feel I must choose

Am I just wasting my time?
Will I still want what I find?
What will I find?

Grateful grazing or the greener side?
The fence is strong, I’m secure, and my legs feel lame
Some say that - not to decide -
is a decision made, just the same

Am I just wasting my time?
Will I still want what I find?

Nine lives has a cat to spare
To me that seems a bit unfair

Time was burnt, now smoldering
The ashes spark - I am re-born
But I am torn
What will I find?

Time is moving fast
I feel so immobilized
Caught between existence and life

Must I choose between something real
and something else that I merely feel?
Hopes and dreams live in tenements
Yet they have power to motivate
But like vapor they dissipate
We turn away and they materialize
Why is it we don’t recognize?

Down to the wire now what will it be?
Put an end to this soliloquy
My first pursuit bore fruit – why can’t I see?

Am I to find out in time?
Will I have lost what I find?

© 2002 Thirteen of Everything
Track Name: Late For Dinner (Parts 1-7)
i. Xenophile
I look to the cooker
She tells me “Dinner will be late tonight”
“I’m serving humanity”
“It has become my species right”
Her ears like saucers
Her eyes like teacups catch the light
Of the moon
And the stars
And the ships in the sky
She is my xenophile
My aberration painted green
She knows she’s killing me
Unwillingly picking at the seams
‘Till one man’s the last man
And a footnote in their dreams of the Earth
And her love
And the life
And the souls in the sky

ii. Soul on a Stick
So we look to the west
And make the sign of the blessed
A plume of smoke in my eye
Says, “This is when you die”
The horde of riders ride
Towards the place we hide
I feel my life divide
This way, that way, this way, that way
And with a smile on my mouth
I move towards the south
So when the bastards come
I shoot them with my gun
And the green of their blood
Takes me back to babyhood
Pretty color, pretty color
Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty
Or with a smile on my face
I hide behind the lace
So when the beasts arrive
I’m taken to their hive
Where they extract my soul
With a long and pointy pole
And feed it to their young
Mama, dada, mama, dada, mama, dada
Where, where does this all lead?
Next section, if you please

iii. Doom

iv. Gloom

v. Real Estate
Found species
Living close
Desirable neighborhood
Evacuate or die
The Birkenhead drill
Your home is ours now
This is the way we live
The way you don’t
We didn’t see the child
The child in the street
We oblivious
You oblivion

vi: Three-Hundred Years Asleep
Should I awake
To an insect gaze
Separated by time
From a life consigned
To only gazing at the sky

vii. Xenophobe
Delicious agony
To a wasting away
This was a love resigned
A big idea in a tiny mind
A party in the fifth dimension
You surely heard of my ascension
To the dust of the one
Once the dinner was done
The seams were picked apart
Did my love consume my heart
Let me be not confined
A tiny idea in a limitless mind
If the ship rounds the cape
And finds nobody home
Think of all the many places
Where we may have gone

© 2003 Thirteen of Everything

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